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Class Descriptions

Please Note: Prerequisites are guidelines to assist you in selecting the class best suited to your experience and needs; prior formal training is not required, students are encouraged to closely evaluate their skills to insure they register for the appropriate class; before registering for any class.

Access 2010 Level 2 (1 Day):



Lesson 1 - Database Relationships
* A Look At Relationships
* Creating A One-To-One Relationship
* Creating A One-To-Many Relationship
* Creating A Many-To-Many Relationship
* Enforcing Referential Integrity
* Cascade Update Related Fields
* Cascade Delete Related Records
* Creating & Printing A Relationship Report
* Lesson Summary Database Relationships

Lesson 2 - Working With Tables
* Setting Validation Rules
* Formatting Fields
* Indexing Fields
* Requiring Data Entry
* Creating An Input Mask
* Creating A Lookup Field
* Creating A Value List
* Modifying A Value List
* Creating Calculated Fields
* Creating Multiple Primary Keys
* Creating Multiple Field Values

Lesson 3 - Working With Queries
* Creating Multi-Table Queries
* Using Calculations In Queries
* Changing Query Properties
* Working With The Expression Builder
* Creating A Totals Query
* Creating A Parameter Query
* Creating A Find Duplicates Query
* Creating A Find Unmatched Records Query
* Modifying Query Joins
* Lesson Summary Working With Queries

Lesson 4 - Working With Forms
* Adding Headers And Footers
* Adding Controls To A Form
* Moving And Sizing Controls
* Creating A Calculated Control
* Changing Control Properties
* Changing Form Properties
* Changing The Tab Order
* Adding A Lookup Control
* Inserting Graphics
* Creating A Subform

Lesson 5 - Working With Reports
* Working With Report Sections
* Adding Controls To A Report
* Changing Control Properties
* Creating A Calculated Control
* Changing A Controls Data Source
* Changing A Reports Data Source
* Sorting And Grouping Data
* Changing Report Section Properties
* Inserting Graphics
* Applying A Theme To A Report
* Applying Conditional Formatting