C&SS Resources

Computer & Statistical Services resources are employed in support of administrative and scientific efforts at the NCI-Frederick and FNL. These resources are available to all members of the NCI-F/FNL community.

Some of the resources available are:

  • Commercial Computer Software:
  • New Computer Purchase Advice:
    • Computer users at NCI-F and FNL frequently contact the Computer Services Helpdesk for recommendations and assistance in making computer purchases. While many users share common computer requirements, each user's needs are unique and are addressed individually. NCI-F and FNL personnel needing specific or detailed purchasing advice should contact the Computer Services Helpdesk directly for assistance.
    • Computer equipment purchased must meet all applicable Federal laws, regulations and DHHS, NIH and NCI policies.  Computer equipment listed on a manufacturer's GSA Schedule or in the "Federal Government" section of a manufacturer's catalog are likely to meet the necessary standards.  For example:
  • Loaner Laptops (in conjunction with a Helpdesk service request).
  • USB PIV Card Readers
  • Website and Database Hosting

For further information or to request access to resources, please contact the Frederick IT Helpdesk.