Statistical Consultation

The C&SS Statistical Services directorate provides the NCI-Frederick and Frederick National Laboratory scientific communities with consultative statistical assistance, mathematical analyses, and scientific programming services. These services are available to all members of the NCI-F/FNL communities.

Statistical Consultation and Mathematical Analysis

The Statistical Consultation group provides a wide array of mathematical and statistical consulting services to the FNL’s scientific community.  The consulting staff confers and consults with senior scientists and principal investigators and performs analyses that include mathematical modeling, experimental design, Monte Carlo and simulation studies, generalized linear modeling, univariate and multivariate analyses, survival and proportional hazards analyses, and many other advanced statistical and mathematical methods.  Members of the consulting staff actively collaborate with investigators to prepare written reports, state-of-the-art graphics, and manuscripts for publication in scientific journals.  As collaborative efforts, projects in Statistical Consultation directly coincide with the research interests and timeliness of requesting investigators. The group is lead by Dr. W. Greg Alvord, PhD., Director of Statistical Services.

Scientific Programming

The Scientific Programming group concentrates its efforts on data analysis and organization of scientific data generated at the NCI-F/FNL. This includes implementing and, if possible, automating analysis methods to be used by the laboratory staff, creating database management techniques for storing, tracking, searching and reporting experimental data and generally providing tools to support the researcher. The group employs a variety of generally available and specialized tools to best support the specific research aims of the investigators.