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Current Schedule

The current class session schedule is now available. Classes are scheduled according to demand and available resources. All full-day classes are from 9 AM to 4 PM; half-day classes from either 9 AM to Noon or 1 PM to 4 PM as indicated in the schedule. The cost per day for each regular full-day class is ($125) and each regular half-day class is ($80). All charges for courses are billed to the training account of the student's center number.

All WebEx classes are FREE; registration is required in order to monitor the number of students enrolled.


Prior to registering for any class, be sure to review the course description in the Course Catalog to insure you select the appropriate level according to your experience. Prerequisites are to be used as a guideline to assist you in selecting the class best suited to your experience and needs. Actual attendance or formal training is not required, but prospective students are encouraged to closely evaluate their skills to insure they register for the appropriate class.